//Udayachal Annual Sports Week

Udayachal Annual Sports Week

Annual Sports Week (18-2-2020)

On the 3rd day of Udayachal’s Annual Sports Week we lined up a host of competitions. The first competition was ‘Go As You Like’, where students were categorised according to their age limit and their level of difficulties. After that, we had solo singing and poem recitation competition.

On this special day we had an opportunity to have among ourselves a great singer and a well-known social activist, Mrs. Manisha Hazarika. She sang a number of songs in the programme entertaining everyone. At the end of the show, teachers and students of Udayachal performed a group song with her.

Annual Sports Week (19-2-2020)

On the fourth day of Udayachal’s Annual sports week, solo and group dance competition was organized for the students. The programme was judged by Mrs. Prerona Bhuyan – an eminent ‘Satriya’ dancer of Assam. A programme by the in-house teachers was also judged by Mrs. Bhuyan. Finally, everyone had a great day celebrating the 4th event of the annual sports week.

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